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Avtonomnoe Deystvie
Who we are? We are the militants of the libertarian socialist movement called "Autonomus Action". It unites people from the former Soviet Union (USSR) - Russia, the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Armenia and Kazakhstan. Our manifesto declares such basic principles struggle as antiauthoritarism, anticapitalism, antibolshevism, anticlericalism, internationalism, ecologism and feminism. Nowadays Autonomus Action is one of the most known and, possibly, the only growing libertarian movement in Russia. We are interested in contacts with foreign libertarian Marxist and anarchist movements and groups. Let's fight together for the classless society!

Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival - - St.Petersburg, Russia

Solidarity fond XminY
the Netherlands

- European Youth for Action - network of the social-environmental activists, the Netherlands


It's almost like an unidentified flying object. Not a 2-3-day rock festival, not only a cultural happening, not just a fair for cultural goods, and not simply a camp or a playground. Anyway, the one-week-long Sziget Festival ("The 10th week long together being") is all of these, altogether (well, let's just mention: only 75 Euro for a weekly ticket). This year we celebrate the 11th Sziget Festival which - not being modest - became a legend for Hungary, for the Hungarian youth, but also for the kids and younger people all over Europe. This festival is something like a caleidoscope. You can meet the hip pop- and rockstars of the whole wide world, but you can meet Krishna people as well, you can meet young Hungarian bands you've never heard of before, and you can meet interesting and tasty bands at the world music stage. You can sit down at the civil groups' tents, while you can dance the night away in the festival's Dance Arena, you can do sports, and you can make friends. Anyway, you can do whatever you want. Come and join the 11th Sziget Festival, between 30th July and 6th August.


Web-site about Russian music, cultural news, clubs, concerts, MP3.
it is only on Russian language


Web-site of Indymedia in Russia.
Indymedia is an international democratic media-project, united free journalists.


российско-белорусская тактическая медиагруппа. цель -- сделать доступной для всех наглядную информацию о действиях анархистов и радикальных экологов, а также о правозащитных и контркультурных мероприятиях.
Video: Несанкционированное шествие и митинг против оккупации Ирака.
Антивоенный митинг, акция против Макдональдса.
Акция против ввоза ядерных отходов.
Международный день протеста против войны в Ираке.


National Centre for Contemporary Arts Kaliningrad Branch (Russia) presents pH – new international illustrated edition on contemporary art. pH covers a wide range of trends in contemporary art, from already traditional to the newest.
pH specializes in research in recent artistic and curatorial practices and their function within today\'s social and cultural situation. Each issue of pH is focused on a special topic which acts as a fulcrum or breakpoint in today\'s international cultural process. pH publishes texts on theory and critic of contemporary art and culture, articles featuring the brightest and/or most controversial and disputable phenomena and events in current art process. Besides, pH traces chronicle of art events, exhibitions, festivals, publications on contemporary art critic.

In the Netherlands you can order it through MORE ZVUKOV


Web-site for and about the Russian community in Germany, where you can find information about cultural life in Germany.

Russian Cultural Center Amsterdam
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