ARTISTS we have worked with:

IVA NOVA is a band from St.Petersburg. The music of IVA NOVA is described as extreme girls folklore or folk-avant-garde. IVA NOVA was formed in St.Petersburg in 2002, when five young Russian ladies met to create a new collective of musicians. All of them had had vast experience of playing at gigs with various groups and having found themselves to be really kindred souls, they started off their joint career, naturally and courageously combining the tunes and instrumentation of traditional Slavonic music with the energy and attitude of punk. Their original songs, sung by Vera Ogaryova, with tunes and lyrics based on the riches of the folklore, are catchy and sensitive. Fuzzy dirt-simple guitar riffs (Inna Lishenkevich) and explosively frenetic percussion (Katherina Fyodorova) supported by the poignant bass (Elena Stankevich) and the energy of jazzy Russian accordion (Elena Zhornik) fill their performance with both rural restlessness and urban craziness. IVA NOVA's sound is driving and powerful, their live acting is cheerful and often humorous: this high-spirited music will hardly leave anybody untouched.

MESSER CHUPS employ the latest computer technologies in the service of an intricately retro sound, mixing and matching sampledelia, surf, mondo and the so-called post-easy listening. Into the mix go 50s B-movie dialogue loops and monstrous croaking of ancient Soviet analog synthesizers. The authors describe their approach as incisions in time cynical pastiche and earnest homage at once, equal parts inspiration and apathy. MESSER CHUPS projects combine beats, film samples, found sounds, scratchy historical recordings, loungey and cartoon sounds from the 50's, guitar, and whatever the hell else there is around, beautifully extending the entire history of Russian absurdism, irony, and anecdotal humor. Embracing elements of decadent capitalism that even most Westerners would shy away from, zany Russian lounge mutant Oleg Gitarkin plays twangy sci-fi music for people who know that the future actually happened over 40 years ago This is the start of the Leatherette Revolution.(THE WIRE). These prolific artists produce extremely enjoyable music, so check out their very distinctive sounds in a concert near you (

Cool and jazzy urban folk... Bandits ballads... Odessa beats... Russian chanson... The ensemble LA MINOR was founded in summer 2000. The ensemble performs in the style of street chanson with Russian folk and Klezmer influence. Once by the unknown people the style of LA MINOR was named as Odessa beats. It s the most precise determination in which LA MINOR live, create and perform. The music of LA MINOR enriched by bayan (Russian accordion), saxophone and contrabass brings you back to the atmosphere of 20-40-es years and reminds the soundtrack to good old films about gangsters tragic love and great swindlers of that time. Happy and nostalgic in the same time their music will not leave you untouched. The collective consists of professional musicians. Gradually their work went out to bigger public and got the recognition outside of Russia. They have successfully performed in clubs and on festivals in France, Germany, Finland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries.

Oleg Kostrov
He is an exceeding master of the sampling-technique, and as to his originality and imaginative power, he can easily be compared with an electronic pioneer like Aphex Twin. Kostrov's music is entirely electronic, playful, happy, and sexy. It works like easy-listening, but it is full of side-ways, -traps, and -views...

Current MESSER FUR FRAU MUELLER combines Kostrow's talents with those of Oleg Gitarkin on guitar; like minds creating bizarre yet intensely likeable music, both by now well-known names in the Moscow and Petersburg electronic scenes. Gitarin's guitar playing is distinctive: either noisy punk on early albums or super tweaked or bassy on later Messer Chups albums, his wit comes across. Prolific artists, and extremely enjoyable music, check out their very disinctive sounds in a concert near you.

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